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About us

We create real
holograms of any 3D models

With well-established research facilities, factories and sales centers in the United States, Emirates, Switzerland, India and Hungary, HoloTech proudly takes on the world leading position for holographic technologies.

Our Mission and Vision

HoloTech exists to create innovative digital holographic products and technologies for enhanced communication, captivating entertainment and compelling analysis and decision making. With support from our customers, employees and investors we are delivering the most advanced 3D visualization and collaboration solutions in the world.

Innovation is the heart of our company

HoloTech's holographic technology represents a leap forward in three-dimensional imaging. Our unique film-based prints are true 3D holograms, made from 3D digital models and displayed with a simple led light. It allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding and visualize information from every angle in real 3D without using any eyeglass or other device.


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Meet the Team
Meet the Team

Our members are our greatest assets


Imre Lakatos

President, CEO

Kristóf Fekete

Chief Commercial Officer, CCO

János Kornis, PhD

Head of Research & Development

Zsolt Papp, PhD

Senior Scientific Officer

Tibor Czuppon, PhD

Scientific Project Manager

Zsolt Ertl

Head of Production & Artworks


Unleash your potential at HoloTech

Want to work in an environment that fosters creativity? Looking for a company that values employees who put their heart and soul into their work? Are you ready for a workplace where you are surrounded with the leading experts in real-time holography?

Then HoloTech is the place for you. We are ready to exceed your expectations with our culture of innovation, and we can’t wait to find the right opportunities for your long-term growth.

Are you interested? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

At HoloTech, you’re not just a cog in the large machine. You can truly see the impact of your work and experience the value you create.
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