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Holographic Mapping

Thousands of sold holograms to United States Army
We present you the most advanced holographic technology in existence, that has been adopted for seamless military and law enforcement usage.
Holotech Military

Holotech Military

True-3D representations

Our digitally printed holograms provide a 360-viewing angle with up to 50 cm depth and 50 cm height perception even in stunning 4K resolution.

Multi-image technology​

Thanks to the unique channelling effect, you can imbed up to 4 completely different 3D images in a single hologram, that are seen from different angles.

Easy viewing​

There is no need for glasses or additional accessories unlike augmented or virtual reality.

Portable and sturdy

All this on a digitally printed paper-thin film.

Unlike anything else out there

Our holograms integrate the simplicity of traditional mediums with the mass of information carried by digital products such as adding dynamic annotations or multiple languages to a single hologram. These make HoloTech’s digital hologram printers the ultimate tool for both military and homeland security mapping tasks.


Our integrated software package ensures a military grade workflow efficiency, so that holograms can be utilized in the most effective way.


A wide range of 3D data sources are compatible, including; aerial photos, radar and laser scans, LIDAR output and intelligence from different armed forces groups and international organisations.

HoloTech’s holograms have been proven to be significant useful for:

  • Mapping areas of operation

  • Damage assessment and damage estimation

  • Visualizing the "common operating picture”

  • Battle-space awareness

We have prioritized the development of a smooth workflow to ensure that holograms can be effectively used in for domestic security purposes.

As a result a vast number of 3D data sources can be used to print high quality holograms quickly, including: CAD/CAE/CAM files, BIM models, aerial photos, radar and laser scans, and files from popular 3D data programs / formats like Maya, Sketch-up, 3D Studio Max, and AutoCAD.


Our experts have emphasized a few areas where holograms are decisive tools to have:

  • Terrorism prevention planning

  • Mission/rescue/evasion/logistics planning

  • Prepare for contingencies, delegations, defending VIPs

  • Human intelligence (HUMINT)

  • Simulation of terrorist activity and line-of-site analysis for sniper activity

Homeland Security

How to get

Contact our Specialised Support Team

HoloTech has extensive experience in conducting business with public institutions, especially military services. As a result, we are able to fully understand and comply with the extraordinary requirements of these institutions such a confidentiality.


Consequently, we have a unique offer for our public clients whereby HoloTech lends its high-tech, proprietary machinery, provides an upgraded, more secure software package, in-depth training as well as maintenance.

Please contact our specialized department so we can start working with you.


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