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Educational Aid

Educational Holograms

Evolution in the way we learn

Students can now benefit from cutting-edge holographic technology.

Holotech Intro

Holotech Intro

True-3D representations

Our digitally printed holograms provide a 360-viewing angle with up to 50 cm depth and 50 cm height perception even in stunning 4K resolution.

Multi-image technology​

Thanks to the unique channelling effect, you can imbed up to 4 completely different 3D images in a single hologram, that are seen from different angles.

Easy viewing​

There is no need for glasses or additional accessories unlike augmented or virtual reality.

Portable and sturdy

All this on a digitally printed paper-thin film.

Unlike anything else out there

The conceptualization of 3D objects from a 2D abstract is highly counterintuitive thus a difficult task requiring extensive use of the brain’s working memory.

Numerous studies have evidently reinforced the positive effects of 3D visualization on learning, which can be applied, now more efficiently than ever before with holograms. Through our work we aspire to be a major factor in the development of educational practices across the globe and in the betterment of next generation of professionals.

Using holographic printed images as educational tools could significantly help

  • deepen student’s understanding

  • shorten the time taken for perceiving and processing information

  • as well as to memorize that information.

How to get

Visit our Store

Be a part of this educational evolution by providing pupils with real holograms for learning. Please click here if you wish to proceed by selecting one of our predesigned holograms. These are high quality and mass-produced holograms of the most popular 3D educational materials such as; skeletons, atoms, solar systems.




Upload your Image/Design​

If you cannot find the one you need, by simply uploading a supported 3D file into our user friendly WebScape™ programme and adjusting a few desired parameters, we will start printing your holographic model immediately and ship it right away.


Download our Software Plugin​

In case you need any additional assistance for a unique, large scale order, contact us below and our specialised support team will be right with you.


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