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Custom orders

Custom Holograms

Easy ways to go 3D

HoloTech’s proprietary technology is versatile to the point that we can extend the scope of our services beyond a simple framework of products. Therefore, we are able and open to taking custom orders for any viable purpose such as portraits, event holograms, gifts and many more.

We can handle any supported 3D format, try us!

Holotech Intro

Holotech Intro

True-3D representations

Our digitally printed holograms provide a 360-viewing angle with up to 50 cm depth and 50 cm height perception even in stunning 4K resolution.

Multi-image technology​

Thanks to the unique channelling effect, you can imbed up to 4 completely different 3D images in a single hologram, that are seen from different angles.

Easy viewing​

There is no need for glasses or additional accessories unlike augmented or virtual reality.

Portable and sturdy

All this on a digitally printed paper-thin film.

Unlike anything else out there


Thinking of a unique portrait to distribute for family and friends, visit a nearby partner branch to get a 3D scan and we will ship the holograms right away.


If you already have a 3D image feel free to upload it here, adjust the required parameters and order.


Make an impression with holographic invitations or make sure all dimension of a memorable event are captured.


We can also help you with the designs, 3D imaging and provide other accessories. Request our products and services here.

Event Holograms

Baby Holograms

Holography is here to enhance the magical experience of having a child. Apart from assisting obstetrics and gynaecologists with their work to ensure a healthy and safe birth, holograms are also the ultimate way to capture these unforgettable moments.


We can create stunning real 3D holograms using your 3D ultrasound images, showing you more than ever possible before.


Posters on the wall just got real! Loose the wrinkled paper and flimsy cardboard cut outs, affordable 3D holograms are the ultimate way to show off your support and enthusiasm for your sports teams, players, singers or celebrities.

Head over to our shop, where you might already find what you need ready to be shipped.


Looking for something special or unique? Don’t worry just upload your 3D image, configure it in a matter of seconds and we will make it for you right away.




Holograms are the perfect way to compliment tourist experiences. Their unique property to convey loads of information in a spectacular and breathing manner, makes holograms the best accessory to bring a city alive, relive history or portray a grand geographical spectacle.


Contact us, so we can cater to your specific needs regarding anything from holographic fridge magnets to large scale complex projects. We are here to help!

How to get


Visit our Store

Please click here if you wish to proceed by selecting one of our predesigned holograms. These are high quality and mass-produced holograms about celebrities, sport teams, players and singers.


Upload your Image/Design​

Thanks to the comprehensive and easy to use WebScape™ software getting one of our revolutionary holograms is easier than you think. By simply uploading a supported 3D file into our user friendly WebScape™ programme and adjusting a few desired parameters, we will start printing your holographic model immediately and ship it right away.



Contact our Specialised Support Team

In case you need any additional assistance for a unique, large scale order, contact us below and our specialised support team will be right with you.


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