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Art and Museums

Exhibit and Canvas Holograms

Meet the most fascinating medium for content
HoloTech’s cutting-edge holographic technology represents the next-generation outlook of museums and vision for modern art.
Holotech Intro

Holotech Intro

True-3D representations

Our digitally printed holograms provide a 360-viewing angle with up to 50 cm depth and 50 cm height perception even in stunning 4K resolution.

Multi-image technology​

Thanks to the unique channelling effect, you can imbed up to 4 completely different 3D images in a single hologram, that are seen from different angles.

Easy viewing​

There is no need for glasses or additional accessories unlike augmented or virtual reality.

Portable and sturdy

All this on a digitally printed paper-thin film.

Unlike anything else out there

Museums face a never-ending struggle with the effective combination of the immersive content they display and the methods of raising interest across different demographics to expand their customer base. Holographic exhibits are the perfect intersection; where no content is lost for the sake of visual presentation.


Digitally printed holograms can make your tours more intuitive, support in education and improve the overall entertainment factor of a museum.

HoloTech also offers entire Holographic Preservation Services where our team uses laser scanning and 3D holographic imaging to create immersive holograms of your relics. We believe this opens a new chapter in the methods of preserving and reconstructing artefacts.

Apart from the display and preservation of art, thanks to the extensive compatibility of our software, HoloTech’s holograms provide a myriad of new opportunities for artists to explore.

How to get

Upload your Image/Design​

Thanks to the comprehensive and easy to use WebScape™ software getting one of our revolutionary holograms is easier than you think. By simply uploading a supported 3D file into our user friendly WebScape™ programme and adjusting a few desired parameters, we will start printing your holographic model immediately and ship it right away.





Contact our Specialised Support Team

If you require a more complex set of holograms or you are interested HoloTech Preservation Services, please get in contact with our specialised support team. We pride ourselves in the comprehensive support provided to our clients that includes expert advice and hands on help to overcome design or any other challenges when integrating this new technology.


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